Kloof Junior Primary School was originally part of the Kloof Government School which was built in 1926. It split from Kloof Senior Primary School in 1965 and began its existence at the current Kloof PrePrimary School premises. A new school building for Kloof Junior was built in Abelia Road to accommodate grade 1 to grade 3 children at that time. The children moved from the old school buildings to the present school buildings in 1969.

The first principal of the then Kloof Infants’ School was Miss Lawrence. She was well known for the amazing children’s plays which she wrote and in which the children took part. She was the principal until 1974 when Miss Dacomb took over. Miss Dacomb was responsible for introducing the first computer centre at the school in 1985 when 15 Commodore computers were bought. It was during this time that the school became known as the Kloof Junior Primary School.

Mrs Rosalie Burke took over in 1986 and was responsible for many new developments at the school. Among these were a swimming pool, a new hall, a new administration wing and a new computer centre. Mrs Burke retired in 2005. Mrs Lyn Dobson was appointed as Principal in 2007 after being the acting principal for a year. In 2015, just before she retired, tiered seating and paving was added to the pool area and the Astro field and surrounds was built.

Our current principal, Mrs Karen Leppan was appointed in 2016.

A new mission, vision and set of virtues was created during the 2016 Strategic Review based upon input from all stakeholders. It was officially launched in 2017 and embraces what we believe is important in our educational journey.