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A range of exciting events take place at KJP throughout the year. Keep visiting this page to stay up to date with our news and events.



News and Events

Leopard Mural

  When walking around Kloof Junior Primary School and driving past the bottom gate, it’s hard not to notice the prominent leopard cub featured on the outer wall of one of the recently reconstructed classroom blocks. Thanks to the talent of the artist Mooklion, who has a master’s degree in fine art and has added what he learnt at varsity with the street culture he has gleaned thr…

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Every school pupil remembers their teachers

[caption id="attachment_947" align="alignright" width="300"] Candice Saunders, Karen Leppan, Lynda Weir, Robynne Thornton[/caption] Every school pupil remembers their teachers, the men and women who shaped them, cared for them, advised them, nurtured their interests and who were blessed with infinite patience. These are people who shape a school, who are spoken about with fondness and who, a…

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Kloof Frog Mural at KJP – Mook Lion

The Kloof frog is an athletic little amphibian, an excellent swimmer and jumper with large disks on the tips of its fingers and toes which allow it to defy gravity when it climbs vertical slippery surfaces, like the damp underside of a waterfall. Alarmingly, the Kloof frog is endangered and only has around 500km2 of its natural habitat left, including the Krantzkloof nature reserve, just down the …

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