Why Co-ed?

Why a Foundation Phase school?

As Kloof Junior is a grade R-3 school only there are many benefits to sending your young child to this school as everything is organised around the young child from small size toilets and an obstacle course designed by an Occupational Therapist to staff who are fully au fait with teaching this age group. It is a small, intimate campus where we know all the children and appropriate systems are in place to encourage these youngsters to perform optimally and have their time to shine.

The Benefits of a Co-Ed Learning Environment

Develops mutual respect and understanding
It is important for young men and women to engage with each other from a young age and learn that despite their differences, they are stronger together.

Promotes diversity
Learners who are exposed to diversity from an early age find it easier to adapt to different environments as they grow.

Encourages socialisation and self-esteem
Being socially awkward is one of the biggest fears learners face. Promoting socialisation earlier on can help them overcome or avoid awkward situations later on in life.

Prepares learners for the real world
Learning how to interact with the opposite gender can be a challenge if it is something you are isolated from when growing up. Think about college and the workplace, where men and women interact on a daily basis. A co-ed environment allows one to be more confident around the opposite gender.

Promotes gender equality and unity
It’s the perfect environment for boys and girls from different backgrounds to learn more about each other and how to respect each other’s cultures, values and differences.