Grade R

Your child will be informally introduced to being in a school environment.

They learn through experiential play to share, to be kind and to be a good friend.

They question and query and have fun through it all.

Our focus is on:

  • indoor and outdoor play
  • developing creativity
  • learning through music
  • pre-reading and language skills
  • Introduction to computers and Zulu
Gr 1-3

Your child now enters the more formal aspect of schooling which begins in grade 1.

Initially the focus is on learning to read whilst mastering the basics of numeracy and life skills.

Although specialist teachers are used for some subjects, there is plenty of time for bonding with the class teacher.

Homework is introduced as an opportunity to consolidate basic concepts and is not designed to be lengthy or protracted.

Should your child struggle a little in mainstream, we offer a smaller Remedial class in each grade to offer more individual assistance suited to children with special educational needs.

These classes are designed for at least average ability children and our goal is to mainstream them as soon as possible

We are committed to academic excellence and to holistically developing active and creative children with a sense of compassion and courage.

An extension programme for those children who cope easily with the academic demands of their grade is currently underway and being pioneered.