At KJP, our goal is to facilitate optimal growth in literacy and numeracy for each child. We aim to have all Grade 1 children literate by the end of Term 2 where possible. As all Grade R & 1 classes have an intern per class, this is more easily achieved together with Extra Language and Mathematics lessons for those who require this.

The Importance of Grade R

Grade R prepares children for the next step in their educational development and allows for a smoother transition to Grade 1. Gr R is a busy, nurturing environment where the learners develop socially and emotionally, independence and confidence is prioritised and children are given opportunities to develop pre-reading, numeracy and communication skills through interactive and play-based learning. Each class has an assistant that works with the teacher to ensure the children progress optimally. They have a huge outdoor area where unstructured play can happen.

Grade 1

Our classes are small and, with the assistance of an intern, have a very small teacher-pupil ratio, which helps to ensure that each child achieves their true potential. The focus is on getting each child to read fluently at their own level as soon as possible and to give the learners who need it the necessary assistance.

Grade 2

Our learners are fluent readers at this stage. This is the year where they are extended in all subjects, so that they can learn to more meaningfully express themselves, and where App Maths (problem solving) is explored a little more.

Grade 3

These learners are now ‘top of the heap’ in this little school and are afforded the opportunity to explore leadership roles and develop their confidence and independence in preparation for the move to the next phase. Learners are encouraged to express themselves in Creative Writing, and their App Maths skills are further honed along with further development of their literacy and numeracy skills.

Therapy Lessons

Private Speech and Language & Occupational Therapy lessons are offered on-site.

Extra Language, Extra Mathematics, Extra Reading Lessons and Play Therapy is offered too, at no extra cost to parents should their child need it at any stage.