About Us

A primary school education is a fundamental building block in your little one’s learning journey. It lays the foundation for a better future and is essential to your child’s overall development. Children who attend primary school gain the reading and communication skills necessary for the next step in their educational journey.

Kloof Junior Primary is a co-educational Junior Primary School, which is situated in Kloof, Durban. As a foundation phase school, Kloof Junior Primary offers Grade R to Grade 3. This allows us to create a more intimate learning environment where children get a chance to really shine. The benefit of this is that they are not overwhelmed with older children and are able to be nurtured in a way that is suitable for their age and stage. Through assemblies, class time and play time we try to instill values of kindness, integrity and always considering others in your actions.

All income received is devoted to this age group exclusively, allowing us to develop future leaders. We are a dynamic school where there is always a project underway to ensure that we reflect the modernity of our 21st century children.

Every child is encouraged to give of their best in whatever area they excel in. We understand that not every child can be the best sportsperson or always achieve high academic results, so we focus on what each child is good at and ask them to ‘do your best!’ That’s our school motto and our caring staff encourage the children to live it out every day.

We celebrate diversity, and affirmations are strongly promoted, where learners are rewarded with the ‘I did my best’ badge for good performance and good deeds. We also hold a Principal’s Tea each term where students get to interact more closely with the principal.

We designed a Multi Turf Astro field with lighting for the exclusive daytime use of our learners. All learners can use all facilities, right from Grade R. Sport coaching is done in small groups to ensure children learn sporting skills right from the start, and children are actively involved for the duration of their sport time.

Our ‘Sport for Life’ programme is overseen by the Sports Department, where children are taught in small groups.


To holistically develop active and creative children with a sense of compassion and courage.


To inspire confident and enquiring children in a nurturing environment.




Do your best.