Our Staff

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of academic and non-academic staff. They are learner focused and they thrive on creativity and looking for ways to always improve their approach to teaching and coaching, by bringing in new technologies and other education enhancements.

They recognise that no two learners are the same and make it their mission to find each student’s strength and nurture it to its full potential. Our educators practise kindness and care, and are ready to give learners the one-on-one attention they need to succeed.


Welcome to Kloof Junior Primary! We at Kloof Junior Primary School (KJP) understand the pressure you face as a parent in choosing the best school for your little one. We are here to support you every step of the way. KJP is a small, happy, child-friendly environment that our young children settle into very quickly and easily. Our focus is on assisting each child to be their best and in achieving everything that their parents HOPE for, so that together we inspire confident and enquiring children in a nurturing environment. Our small environment allows for each child to develop confidence and to climb the little ladder to Grade 3, where as ‘top of the heap’ they have privileges, opportunities and feel important.

We use a positive, assertive approach to discipline, which focuses on encouraging children to grow, to DO THEIR BEST and to be the best that they can be. As children learn through play, our outdoor areas contain jungle gyms, obstacle courses and wide open spaces for unstructured play. Play happens indoors too. KJP offers a wide variety of experiential learning on campus, outdoors and off campus. Children are encouraged to participate in our ‘Sport for Life’ programme where learners are given plenty of experiences, both sporting and cultural. In this way we aim to holistically develop active and creative children with a sense of compassion and COURAGE. Classrooms each have interactive boards to visually enhance the understanding of new concepts.

Weekly assemblies create a focus or challenge for the week where children are encouraged to RESPECT themselves and each other, to HONOUR the values of our school and to have the COURAGE to tell the TRUTH no matter the circumstances.

Parents are an integral part of our school and are invited onto our campus regularly to engage with their child’s teacher, to view their child’s work (at our now eagerly awaited “Books & Burgers” evenings) or to provide much-needed assistance on our campus.

Our brand-new classrooms and administration blocks make a firm statement, in the beautiful, leafy suburb of Kloof, about the importance of providing a modern, secure and dynamic environment for our 21st century learners.

Our Aquatics Centre is the next project on the horizon that is currently in the investigative stages with a phased in approach.

We have an Academic Support Unit for Learners with Special Educational Needs, and Extension Mathematics classes for those who show a talent in that subject, together with our Dominoes Club for our out-of-the-box thinkers. Our Creation Station will appeal to the artist and builder in your child. Our diverse, multicultural, all-embracing school is definitely the school for your child. Join us at our annual Open Day in Term 1 or join us for the weekly tours on a Friday at 08h00 to see for yourself.

Our Grade R staff are vibrant, innovative, and always prepared to try something new. Their passion is passed through to their children as this environment is always full of fun and action!

Our Grade 1 Teaching Team is a dedicated group of educators who love working with young children at Kloof Junior. Every day is exciting for these little ones. They learn so much, so quickly and it is a joy for us to watch them develop and grow.

The Terrific Twos Team work together to create the best possible experience by incorporating holistic growth of the learners who have such fun & excitement each day whilst learning their new concepts. We are so privileged to work in such a dynamic school.

The Grade Three Team love working with the diverse group of unique children. Our team is dynamic and dedicated with a passion for nurturing children to achieve their full potential. We aim to confidently prepare children for real life through our excursion programme and our Sport for Life programme. We love the range of academic, sporting and cultural activities on offer at KJP and are so grateful to work at such a beautiful and modern school!

Our School leadership team is the driving force behind KJP. We go the extra mile to ensure that our staff feel supported and motivated to ensure the smooth running of the school and that each grade is a fully functional unit that has the learner’s best interests at heart.

The Departmental Heads together with the Principal are the team of movers and shakers that take the school forward ensuring that our goals are achieved strategically and that KJP is a happy, productive, dynamic environment for both learners and educators alike.

Our two admin ladies are in charge of everything at our front office. They see to the needs of finance, admissions, parents, learners and teachers alike and ensure our foyer is a happy, productive introduction to our school.

Our Specialist Educators are specialists in their own fields and they ensure that these subjects are taught at the highest possible level to optimise each child’s understanding and progress. Our Specialist subjects are Sport for Life, Dramatic Arts & Music, Afrikaans, Zulu, Tech Hub Studies and Knowledge Hub studies.

KJP embraces the ethos of giving back to the teaching profession by employing teacher interns who enhance the classroom experience for the learners greatly. They also assist the teachers in ensuring that the day runs smoothly. We have an Intern/Teacher Assistant in every Grade R and 1 class which reduces the teacher-learner ratio to 12 to 1. In our Grade 2 and 3 classes we also have 2-3 interns across each grade. We are blessed to have these teachers-in-training who really make such a difference in our school!

KJP has General Assistants of the highest quality. We can always rely on them to get the job done and to do it professionally and to the best of their ability. We have a team meeting once a week to plan ahead and review what has been done. Cleaning and disinfecting and setting up venues for a function can often be a thankless job but we at KJP are blessed with the best!