Leopard Mural


Leopard Mural by Mooklion

When walking around Kloof Junior Primary School and driving past the bottom gate, it’s hard not to notice the prominent leopard cub featured on the outer wall of one of the recently reconstructed classroom blocks.

Thanks to the talent of the artist Mooklion, who has a master’s degree in fine art and has added what he learnt at varsity with the street culture he has gleaned through more than 10 years as an artist, the leopard cub’s importance as the school’s mascot can be seen by everyone.

The leopard features as a symbol for the Kloof Schools (Kloof Senior Primary and Kloof High), starting as a cub at the Junior Primary and growing into a proud adult by the time learners reach high school.

It symbolizes strength, resilience, beauty, skill, independence and determination, all traits children need as they develop on their journey through school and beyond.

Kloof also enjoys a close association with the leopard. It features on the Kloof’s crest and leopards were prominent in the area in days and decades gone by. In fact, may people still believe there is a leopard or two in Kloof Gorge.

“This magnificent mural symbolizes unity between the Kloof schools and through this, it gives our learners a sense of pride and belonging,” said Karen Leppan, principal of Kloof Junior Primary School.

Written by Dave Knowles (Parent)